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What We Strive For


Woolcock Group strives to be a leader in the design and construction of economically viable developments to match your requirements, ensuring positive investment outcomes.

We put a lot of focus into providing our team members with a safe and productive working environment.

We believe we are renowned for our honesty and integrity.

Being fully transparent to all stakeholders is very important to us.

Sustainably focused designs are also important in these days of rising energy costs, plus to improve the environment within our constructions for workers or residents alike.

Looking Forward

Our team constantly researches new building products and assesses the benefits they can provide to a project.

Fine detailing in all areas of a project, from initial feasibility planning; to design and materials sourcing, provides optimum solutions to our clients and ensures the work is delivered within their budget.

PAST YEARS have seen the Woolcock Group expand and grow, winning many design and construct contracts in and around the Adelaide metropolitan area, with clients ranging from multi-national corporations to owner occupiers and investors.


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