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10 Month Start - Finish Factory Build

Woolcock Construction is proud of its extensive team and experience, who delivered this large scale
Manufacturing, Warehouse and Office Facility to the client within 10 months of first client meeting to turnkey handover.

Many construction firms estimate a project of this size should take between 12 and 14 months, however, Woolcock Construction were highly aware of our client’s hope to launch the facility within 8 months. Including all design works and Council approvals.

So at a very quick 10 months, we were delighted the project was completed, including some additional great features not originally considered on Day 1. Plus Woolcock were able to offer the client some spare warehousing within our own portfolio for a couple of months to help the transition move through.

Day 1 – early November 2017 – first client meeting to receive brief.

2 Weeks Later – Design illustrations and Drawings presented with specifications sheet and costings for the client’s consideration and approval. These were signed off by client almost immediately.

Week 3 - Staged Plans submitted to Council to obtain first approvals for preliminary earthworks to commence.

Week 4 – Council Approvals received for Preliminary Earthworks to commence.

Week 5 - December 2018 - 2nd set of Construction Plans submitted to Council and approved.

December 2018 – Earthworks and Site preparation commences.

January 2018 – Timber Product manufacturing factory / Product Storage warehouse & Undercroft Materials Storage zone / Administration Office construction commences.

August 2018 – Turnkey handover to client.

Building Highlights

3 in 1 Usage :This building had to have 3 Key functional segments • A comfortable, modern and functional front office / reception area • A factory and manufacturing facility • An undercroft raw materials and finished product storage zone / loading dock.

DESIGN : Woolcock’s client was very conscious of their proximity to Edinburgh Airport and requested the design had some feel of aviation included to keep in theme with the area. Rooflines and Extrusions were shaped to mimic the shape of aircraft wings.

JOINTLESS FLOOR : A significant problem for so many factories running forklifts is ridges in floors between panels. This project was crafted with a seamless Joint-less slab floor system, fibre-concrete floor with NO saw cut joints. This reduces wear and tear, future maintenance budgets, plus daily operation annoying noise levels.

DURING-PROJECT PLAN CHANGES : A significant advantage of Woolcock Construction’s corporate structure of containing the majority of design, fabrication and production services in-house rather than outsourcing, is our ability to react to last minute requests.

The early speed required to get this project moving saw a few briefing details to be confirmed during construction. Ongoing modifications to plans were enacted to deal with these requirements / desires, while still delivering in 10 months.

GAS FIRED KILN – it was identified that a substantial kiln of excessive weight load required special reinforced footings. Engineering and construction plans were modified immediately to accommodate, keeping the project on track.

SOLAR POWER – the client engaged an external supplier to fit a full rooftop solar system. They required a different roof support structure, so Woolcock stepped in to modify the initial plans to ensure compliance to this supplier’s needs, while still keeping the project on track.

DUST EXTRACTION UNIT – the client identified that an upscaled dust filtering bunker was required to meet full safety requirements within the factory zone. Again, modifications were made to the plans, with the new specifications adhered to.

OFFICE DOUBLE GLAZING – further thoughts identified the potential implications of excess noise and heat in this geographical zone. So the specifications for windows in the office / administration area were upgraded with economical double glazing.

By controlling so many fabrication and construction functions in-house, Woolcock Construction’s ability to adapt to project modifications mid-build enables us to react quickly, keeping timelines tight to deliver projects, often with little overrun.

This project commenced with a budget just over $2 Million. But even with the significant plan modifications and project upgrades, pricing increased by only 1.8% within the 10 month timeline.

We’d love to hear about your project ideas and work with you.

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