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Balhannah Mitre 10 and Home Centre

Beyond our Client's initial expectations!

Woolcock Construction was delighted to be approached by Michael (a long standing client) to look at another new project to improve the facades of Balhannah Cold Stores and adjacent Mitre 10 store.

During the design and feasibility phase, our creative team presented Michael with an idea rather off-brief, taking into account some other information he had shared.

Michael mentioned their Cold Stores and Mitre 10 shops each had floor areas greater than needed. So a redistribution of floor space, coupled with some some clever expansion building, allowed Woolcock Construction to not only deliver them NEW custom designed facilities, but also generate extra shops to attract new tenants complementing their homemaker business model. This introduced new income streams and attracts a greater volume of customers into Mitre 10.

Mitre 10's existing Sand & Metal depot on the other side of the road was relocated to this same site, allowing a residential subdivision to replace the old depot.

The sale of that depot land for residential development ensured the entire Mitre 10 / Cold Store project was financially viable.

By the end, all of their land was efficiently utilised; very aesthetically pleasing to attract customers through the door, including those with disabilities; and much easier and safer for customers to visit.

Environmental planning ensured all building floor heights complied with Council's required 1 in 100 flood plans. Stormwater run-off filtering ensured water quality was clean to exit to the Onkaparinga River system.

With the complete redesign came the added advantage of generating a customer friendly carpark, including ease of access for disabled and mobility impaired customers. Cleverly designed ramps connect the various building segments and individual tenants. Shade trees were able to be introduced to also improve the aesthetic look of the area, plus a U-Shape rear driveway behind the complex enables delivery trucks and customers accessing the Sand and Metal depot to be segregated from casual shoppers.

The project was delivered on-time and on-budget.

PLUS - throughout the entire process, Mitre 10 did not lose one trading day! Clever project management enabled the redevelopment to proceed in stages, allowing Mitre 10 to gradually adapt to new segments as they became available, ensuring their customers were not disadvantaged. Continuity of trade was critical to the brief.