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Cochrane's Transport

Cochrane's Transport & Express Logistics

Opened October 2020

Woolcock Construction was delighted to be invited by Cochrane’s Transport to prepare designs and quotes for building their operations depot at Gillman, followed by full construction of their new facilities including:

  • Distribution Centre / Sorting Shed
  • Warehouse
  • Administration Office
  • Truck Wash Bay
  • Onsite Truck Refueling Station & Workshop
  • Weighbridge
  • Onsite carparking for all staff

First communications with our client occurred in September 2019, with final handover of the project in September 2020. This tight timeframe ensured Cochrane’s full operational capacity was running at the new site in time for their busiest month of the year – October.

The complete project investment was around $13 million, delivered on budget and on time.

During the planning phase, Woolcock Construction presented our client with a range of static design renders and fly-through video presentations, to assist them to gain a better feel for the proposed designs.

Coupled with floor plans and illustrations, the combined output gave Cochranes’s team a clear picture of proposed features embedded into the project, and a feel for the usability of the site on completion.

A 35,000m2 tract of land was the blank canvas offering ample flexibility to layout a site that

• co-located all company services on one site

• offered large trucks efficient and safe access using a one-way traffic flow through the site

• gave access to an undercover 70 metre wide portal span canopy for sheltered loading / unloading

• increased capacity for storage of client products, both short and long term

In total, 18,000m2 of buildings were constructed on this site, with close attention paid to the environmental impact of operations.

Rainwater is captured and feeds into 4 Rainwater Tanks each with a storage capacity of 63,000 litres, drastically reducing Cochrane’s reliance on mains supply water.

A separate Warehouse with a 10.5 metre high single span roof sits adjacent to the Distribution Centre, enabling stocks that require storage for longer periods of time to be efficiently moved across from the Distribution Centre.

The Office Administration Building was designed to have a range of client meeting rooms and admin offices on the ground floor, with additional modern design office space on the first level. Cleverly, construction of the first level today only covers half of the footprint of the ground floor, giving Cochrane’s an option to expand the first level in future years.

The interior design of the Administration Building carries Cochrane’s corporate theme, which was demonstrated and fine-tuned with their team in advance using Woolcock’s animated flythrough presentation.

Woolcock Construction were delighted to work with Cochrane’s Transport on this major project that has already revolutionised the capacity and future growth of their company. Videos of the animated render flythrough presentation and a drone video of the final outcome can be viewed on this page.

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Design Process Video Render Flythrough

To assist our clients to get a strong feel for the designs Woolcock propose, we now have the capability to generate animated flythrough renders of our project designs. This flythrough prepared at the beginning of Cochrane's project is a perfect example of our capabilities.

After Handover ...

This video shows a Drone flyover of the finished Cochrane's Distribution Centre project.