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Compact Warehouses Beverley

Compact Warehouses at Beverley, South Australia

An Adelaide family with a prominent land parcel in Beverley (an inner western suburb of Adelaide) approached Woolcock Construction keen to develop their land as an investment.

They arrived at Woolcock Construction with some initial ideas. Looking for a creative team to expand on the concept, they worked with Woolcock to develop their concepts and ascertain whether there was a profit to be made.

Woolcock’s feasibility team shaped the initial ideas into a set of mid-size warehouses, enabling small to medium size businesses, or even ‘mum and dad’ collectors needing extra space, to access affordable storage.

Strategically, it was important to ensure the warehouse features were flexible in order to attract attention from the broadest range of customers, to ensure pre-sales could be engaged ‘off-the-plan’ in quantities sufficient for final finance approval.

The land’s zoning and encumbrance regulations were studied carefully, followed by drafting designs for positioning seven warehouses on the block, which would maximise the return on this investment. Artistic impressions were rendered of the final design to help with marketing, then detailed construction quotes were provided and plans submitted to Council.

Attention to key design preferences ensures wide open access points, strong security, and on-site parking for at least five vehicles per tenancy. This provides facilities that will support a wide range of uses, from a private family warehouse (for storing classic cars, antiques, sporting equipment, etc), to supporting businesses requiring a storage solution with high‑frequency access.

Community titles have also been established for the development, to further enhance the flexibility of purpose, and marketability of each warehouse.

Businesses in particular often spend large amounts of time on-site, so each warehouse has been designed to offer quality office style kitchen facilities, toilets and amenities. Additionally, professionally appointed, carpeted reception areas welcome customers and suppliers.

When adequate warehouses have been sold (off-the-plan), Woolcock Construction will again be engaged, and the next stage of the development will proceed.

Of note, the required pre‑approvals and planning have already been established, which will enable the warehouse build components to occur seamlessly and enhance the experience of the purchasers.

If you have a similar concept in mind, please do call the Woolcock Group on 8193 9600 and request a chat with their FEASIBILITY STUDY team… no matter what your idea is.