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SUHO 10 Star House

Primarily an industrial and commercial builder, the construction of a 10-star house was a new undertaking for Woolcock Construction. Working closely with sustainability environmental consultants SUHO, the goal was set to build an energy efficient home that the public could experience firsthand. Various suppliers were sought to partner with the 10-star home project and have their products demonstrated within the home.

• Challenges

The construction process involved various challenges for our team to overcome. As a house of this level had never been built before in South Australia, many new construction methods had to be introduced and learned. Staff had to be trained on how to use certain supplies and how to seal the building so it stayed airtight throughout the build. Sticking to the 10- star rating expectation and adapting to the specificity of the build were things that constantly had to be revisited. Other challenges were delays in supply, and coordinating trades and access within the limiting size (land 310m2, building 120m2).  

Despite the challenges, the house and all of its unique aspects started coming together.

• Key Features

  • ABB Home Automation System
  • Heat Recovery Ventilation System
  • 5kw Tindo Solar Panel System
  • Reverse brick veneer
  • Airtight construction
  • Triple glazed windows and doors
  • Green Tag Certified insulation and plasterboard
  • Specifically chosen appliances for their efficient WELS and Energy ratings
  • Velux skylight
  • Edible herbs and vegetables, and vines to provide shade
  • Sustainable, raw, recycled, and locally sourced products where possible (more than 90% recycled materials used)

 • Awards

The project took approximately 12 months to build and was handed over with the achieved 10-star energy efficient NatHERS rating. The hard work was all worth it when Woolcock Construction won a Master Builders SA Building Excellence Award in the category “Environmental & Sustainable Construction – Residential”. SUHO have also gone on to win various design awards for this house.

The house is now an entrant in the Master Builders Association National Awards which will take place in April 2022.

Visit the dedicated website to find out more: https://www.10starhome.com.au/