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Yankalilla Seeds - Wingfield (SA) warehouse

Woolcock Construction was approached by the owner of 210 Cormack Road, Wingfield, to construct a warehouse for their tenant, Yankalilla Seeds, who had some specific requirements.

The project brief was:

  1. The warehouse was to be purpose built for a goods-in, goods-out operation dealing with combustible stock (packaged, bulk grains);
  2. Clearance heights were to be maximised to facilitate efficient stacking and storage;
  3. The site design had to enable an efficient flow of traffic, specifically for articulated vehicles including B-Double Road Trains.

While the landowner had an idea for how the development would proceed, the Woolcock team identified opportunities for innovative construction techniques to benefit both landowner and tenant, and so put forward three concept plans.

The chosen design provides 3,060m2 of warehousing and a further 220m2 of office and amenities space.

Once finalised, Woolcock Construction took the plans to the Council for planning approval and liaised with the Department of Planning, Transport and Industry, which as the property is on an arterial road that is controlled by the Department.

Work began with six weeks of site remediation. The land was taken back to natural before multiple of fill were applied and compacted. Each layer was inspected and signed off by an engineer before further work proceeded.

The construction phase as a whole was approximately 11 months. Regular site meetings with the landowner and tenant ensured that all parties had input throughout the process.

The 11m high roof is trussed, eliminating the need for internal columns. This maximised the available storage space and improved racking within the warehouse footprint. A fibre mesh floor was laid in three pours providing a greater point load capacity than that achievable with a conventional concrete slab and also eliminated the need for saw-cut joints.

The combination of these features was cost-effective for the landowner and enables the tenant to stack fully loaded pallets up to seven high.

The office and amenities area was constructed to a stack panel design in preparation for future expansion, should it be needed.

Given the combustible nature of the stock being stored in the warehouse considerable time was devoted to designing fire control provisions, including siting a 12m high fire tank with a 9m diameter adjacent to a corner easement. The intricate internal fire control system provides best practice protection while the large water tank is positioned well clear of traffic flow in what would otherwise have been “dead space”.

Large developments such as this often result in costly stormwater detention systems. Woolcock Construction avoided the expense of underground tanks by developing the hardstand at the rear of the property so that it undulates in a series of barely discernible trays. The undulations capture stormwater, slowing its rate of flow before feeding it into the main stormwater system.

This was a construction project developed with an eye to the future. The building offers Yankalilla Seeds the space necessary to continue growing its business and, should the company move on, will give the property owner flexibility in attracting a new tenant.

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