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Phone & Internet Services

Our Communication Services - Your Personalised Setup

Woolcock Group Serviced Offices' team can provide you with a telephone handset in your office. Ongoing monthly connections are included in your monthly office rental agreement. If you are someone who is usually on the move, unanswered calls can be diverted to your mobile.  

Only the cost of outbound call charges would be additional.

Our Serviced Offices also provide tenants with 10GB of internet data usage per month at no additional charge. Each client pays only a small once-off connection fee. Our network runs off fiber optic cables which enables fast internet speeds. We also offer WiFi which tenants are free to use.

We also offer you the advantage of having on-hand skilled technicians to assist with your connection to our services.


Explain your Communication Needs

We will work with you to customise the communication setup you require.

Jordy Bousfield

Serviced Offices Manager

Phone: (08) 8193 9600

Enquire about how we can Support Your Business

Our reception and admin team know how important it is for you to be able to communicate with your clients. Don't be hesitant to discuss the communication requirements of your company and we will do our best to meet your needs. Thank you.